A simple, bookish soul…

…born out of my time, and always in the middle of a launch of some sort.  Launching a project, launching a business, and most recently, launching a life makeover.  At an energized and inspired 50(ish), I’m blazing my own “happy trail” as a teacher, writer and doctoral candidate, and voracious devourer of all things Classic Lit. And I’m doing all of this while I am still raising two of my three boys as a single mom and business owner/entrepreneur.  To help pay the bills that stack up on the counter while my obligations and aspirations play, I also work as a freelance editor and tutor.  In a very real sense, words are the stuff of my life.  All these things I “do” allow me to “be” who I am, and to take care of the people I love while managing the challenges of chronic illness and disability.

When crafting literary articles and papers, I like to employ at least some critical sources outside of the academic world, having found that writers, artists, students, and other “regular folks” have much to offer in the way of intuition and insight into literature and history that high-falootin’, tenured types might dismiss…or just plain miss.  Even my 9 year-old recently pointed out that Dr. Seuss’s Lorax is not just a hero, “he’s also kind of a dwarf, so that’s extra brave.” See what I mean? As for my own writing, fiction and poetry are my favorite excuses to let the walls between the real and the imagined come down, without sacrificing my intellect.  Writing non-fiction (and the research that entails) is the whetstone to my cerebral blade, keeping me sharp and focused as I walk and read my way through this complex and cluttered world.  What keeps me happy and hopeful are these boys, these books, my faith, a miniature zoo of friends feathered, finned and furry (okay, and some human ones, too), and creating things of wholesomeness and beauty with my heart and my hands.  And lo and behold, I do believe that this launch, at last, is working.  So pull up a cozy chair, grab a steaming cuppa (or frosty whatever!) and join me for a never-ending trip down Literary Lane.  I’ve got plenty of old books to go around, and as the girl my grandmother always called “an old soul,” all the time in the world. ❤


For professional writing, proofreading and editing services, or private tutoring in a variety of academic subjects and levels, visit MAC Literary Services. And while you’re at it, stop by Frog Hollow Tea Company and find some delectable teas, tea-infused treats and treatments, and teaware from quintessential to quirky at Frog Hollow Tea Company.


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